Bernard Liedemann

Speaking On: Challenges in fisheries crime in South Africa

"Criminal syndicates, responsible for the indiscriminate illicit harvesting and trafficking of marine living resources, execute their actions for the economic gains derived. Crimes of this nature fuel, finance and cascade down to other serious illicit crimes and activities causing the widespread social decay in a number of coastal communities not only locally but globally. Reaching the point of Global Sustainable Utilization of Marine Living Resources is within reach, it is for us to make the difference, now.”


Bernard is Deputy Director within the Directorate, Monitoring and Surveillance, DAFF. The Directorate is responsible for the combatting and prevention of the illegal harvesting of marine resources and is also responsible to deploy inspections, investigations and Special Operations in respect of the Marine Living Resources Act 18 of 1998. Bernard started his career with the South African Police Services, and has a degree in Forensic Investigation.

Bernard has 25 years’ experience in the field of Marine law enforcement and together with a team of dedicated officials, has made significant contributions in addressing major well-organized fisheries crime syndicates, both locally and internationally.

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Position: Deputy Director, Monitoring and Surveillance, DAFF