Duncan Copeland

Speaking On: Unravelling a murder at sea

“Information sharing and analysis is at the core of tackling fisheries crime. Information must be shared between government agencies at the national level; between different governments; and between governments and other stakeholders. But information sharing for its own sake is not enough; expertise and cooperation on the analysis of this information – the joining of the dots to identify how and where fisheries crime is taking place – is crucial if we are to understand and make headway against fisheries crime”

Duncan Copeland is the Chief Analyst at Trygg Mat Tracking (TMT), a Norwegian organisation that provides expert fisheries intelligence analysis to national authorities and relevant international institutions in support of enforcement actions and broader improvements in fisheries governance. Duncan has been with TMT since its establishment in 2013, and took over as Chief Analyst at TMT in late 2014. In this role he is part of the technical teams for both FISH-i Africa and the West Africa Task Force. He has also worked on development and fisheries issues for 15 years as an ecologist, in NGOs, as an MCS adviser to a number of African Governments, and as a specialist consultant. His recent work has focussed on fisheries development and enforcement in developing countries, particularly in West Africa for the past 10 years. A recognised expert in IUU fishing in Africa, Duncan’s experience in this field has seen him work closely with all relevant stakeholders, from community to Ministerial level.

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Position: Analyst, Trygg Matt Tracking, Norway

Session: Cases