James Farah Bulongo

Speaking On: Blast fishing cases and links to other crimes

“Fisheries Crime is the misconduct that is happening in the fisheries sector. Some of the illegal activities include illegal gears in fishing, corruption incidences in fisheries activities, child labour in fisheries, involvement of fishers in illegal business e.g. piracy, IUU fishing, human trafficking, harvesting of endangered species which are under CITIES sea cucumbers, sea titles etc. There is a lot that has to be done so as to stop fisheries crime world wide.”

James has a strong fisheries background having been employed as Fisheries Officer with the rank, Zonal Officer in charge for Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) Dar es Salaam and Coast Region in Tanzania since 2005. He has knowledge in fisheries investigation, prosecution, evidence gathering and data analysis of prawn’s fishery. He is currently a member of the recently formed National Multi-Agency Task Team (MATT) in Tanzania: an agency organized to deal with environmental crimes such as fisheries crime, wildlife, timber and mining.


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Position: Member of National Multi-Agency Task Team against Environmental Crime, Tanzania

Session: Cases