Nicholas Mwanza Ntheketha

Speaking On: The FISH-i Africa Task Force

"Sharing information and intelligence through cooperation is the cheapest tool to fight fisheries crime"

Mr Nicholas Ntheketha worked for the Kenya State Department of Fisheries, in various fisheries management capacities, from 1980 until his retirement in June 2015. He served as Assistant Director of Fisheries and was in charge of Kenya's fisheries within their EEZ. This focused on managing long liners and purse seiners in the oceans and ports. Although retired from active service he is still busy in the fight against illegal fishing as Chairperson of the FISH-i Africa Task Force and he is actively participating in the Task Force’s information sharing platform where his experience in combating illegal fishing, such as the case of the FV Premier, is invaluable.

Bio facts

Current Position: Chairperson of FISH-i Africa Task Force, Kenya

Session: Cooperation