Victor Hamusa Kargbo

Speaking On: Challenges with the case of the Holland Klipper

“The battle against illegal fishing will only be won when you decide to fish legally”

Victor Hamusa Kargbo, is very passionate about winning the fight against illegal fishing. He has worked for the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Sierra Leone, since 1987 and has risen through the ranks of the Ministry and now serves as the Acting Assistant Director of Fisheries. He is also Head of both the Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) Unit of the Ministry and the Joint Maritime Committee (JMC) Management Team. Victor has worked zealously in fisheries surveillance in his country and for the West Africa Regional Fisheries Commission (SRFC). Some of his work is documented on Aljazeera (Pirate Fishing in Sierra Leone) and BBC (Worst Place to be as a Fisherman). He has won two international awards; 2012 Sea Food Champion; and 2014 IMCS Network Fisheries Champions Award and has represented his country at various national and international conferences.

Bio facts

Position: Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Sierra Leone

Session: Challenges